The Coffee House

Hand roasted coffee.

A bit about our Beans

All our coffee is hand-roasted in small batches over at Maude Coffee Roasters over in Leeds.

The team over at Maude place a strong focus on sourcing coffee that is highly traceable back to the grower, whether that’s the estate, farm or microlot where the beans are grown. This helps ensure an ethical supply chain from bean to cup as well as a diverse range of beans from across the coffee-growing world. This attention to careful sourcing means you can be safe in the knowledge that those working to produce such good coffee are not only paid what they deserve, but are also rewarded with recognition for their efforts. 

By exclusively offering single origin coffees and working to the seasons, the coffee Maude buy and roast is sourced from the most freshly harvested green beans and produces the most flavoursome coffee those beans have the potential to be.

What’s coffee without milk?

Taking care to support local businesses and ensure the provenance of everything we produce, the milk we use in our coffee’s (as well as the eggs we use in our cakes) all come from our local milkman.

Not a coffee fan?

To complement our coffee, we’ve also got a large selection of teas from Canton Tea. Just like our coffee roasters, Canton places a huge emphasis on seasonality and responsible sourcing of their tea leaves. Most of their teas come from small, independent and biodynamic farms harvested by hand in partnership with the traditional farming families.

Alongside our coffee and tea, we also use Mork Chocolate for our Hot Chocolate. With 50% pure cacao, it makes for easy milk chocolate-like drinking with smooth toffee notes all while being dairy-free, making it suitable for vegans and the lactose-intolerant, without losing out on a super smooth, syrupy sweetness.

Table Menu

Coffee & Hot ChocolateAlternative Milk & SyrupsTeas
EspressoOat MilkYorkshire Tea
AmericanoSoya MilkCanton Moroccan Three Mint
CortadoCaramel SyrupCanton Earl Grey
Flat WhiteHazelnut SyrupCanton Jade Green Tips
LatteVanilla SyrupCanton English Breakfast (Available as Decaff)
CappuccinoCanton Berry & Hibiscus
Mork Hot Chocolate

We’ve also got a selection of home brew coffee equipment available for sale here so you can enjoy barista quality coffee in the comfort of your own home.